Geodesic dome: 2003 - National Building Museum
These are some renderings of a project I'm working on to make a full-sized "kit" geodesic dome that a class of about 30 middle school kids would assemble in an hour at the National Building Museum. It's an icosahedron alternate 1, meaning that as a 1/2 sphere dome it will have 26 hubs and 65 rods - 6 5 way hubs, 20 6 way hubs, 30 46 inch rods, and 35 52.5 inch rods. I'm redesigning these domes (they've got 4 now), which are made from metal conduit and PVC pipe. They're not satisfied with how strong they are or how ugly they are. In the next couple of weeks I'm going to make 3 prototypes of hubs, so we can decide which one to make 2 domes worth of. Wood, metal, and rubber are the top contenders right now. page