The Newman Group Doppler: 2007 – Tres Design
This is one of those projects that just would not die. It started out simply enough – design a fetal heart rate monitor for expectant mothers, which would amplify and count the fetus’ heart beat. We ended up creating a great, elegant form, but then ran into all kinds of problems when the engineers tried to make it work. It turns out that there was all kinds of feedback between the built in speaker and the piezo-electic sensors, so we went through all kinds of revisions to try and isolate the speaker and the PCB. We also spent months and months trying to design a stand for the thing that would work on a desktop, and could also be screwed to a wall or mounted on an IV pole. In the end, we came up with this beautiful arced cradle that snapped into a heavy rubber foot. We included a little pocket for these ¼ inch tall Dixie cups to catch the transmission goop that would drip off the sensor head. I know that these are in low volume production, and I have a set of prototype parts, but I have no idea what the retail price would be.