Dynastream Pedometer: 2004 Tres Design
This was one of those strange projects where the goal was not to make a finished consumer product, but a research test-bed, or stopgap product which would be quickly replaced by a more advanced production unit. Here we had a group of engineers with a very accurate, multi-axis accelerometer and some unique wireless technology. The product that we developed with them is an advanced pedometer which could track more than just distance traveled. I think they had some system of interpreting the motion of your foot to help improve your running form. It was as pretty difficult project because any electronic device will have a battery, and unless its directly soldered onto the PCB, every time your foot crashes down, the connection between the battery and the terminals is shaken. There were also issues making the device waterproof while also using the housing as a structural feature. When you tied it to your shoe, there was a tendency to flex the housing and open up gaps in the seal.