Whirlpool Refrigerator GUI: 2006 Tres Design
This was one of my first interface design projects. It was to design a touch screen and ATM style interface for the ice and water dispenser on the door front of a refrigerator. While it seems like an absurdly easy project with maybe 2 or 3 buttons, it was really a wakeup call into how complex and poorly run most in house design departments are. At first we had trouble even understanding why you would ever need an LCD screen to tell you that you are dispensing water or ice, but then we got into all the unit conversion, language, religious, and other feature issues. It was interesting pairing down the interface to its most essential and then matching it up with their corporate design scheme. I think we managed to convince them against all their bad design practices, like sometimes they just had buttons jumping all over the screen, and could never predict where anything was supposed to be. Also, this was to be the version for 2008 or 2009, which is just incredibly sad when you look at what LG and Samsung are doing today.