NREC Robot Joystick: 2000 National Robotics Engineering Consortium
This is my first professional piece!!! The summer of 2000 I worked at the National Robotics Engineering Consortium, and this is the only thing of note that I made. I'm still not really sure why we made it out of carbon fiber, but we spent most of the summer just learning the techniques. As for the design, we had to get something that could hold this gigantic $600 handmade analog joystick that weighed more than 2 pounds. The solution I came up with was to cradle it against your stomach, but I also made the handle area where you gripped it tapered and subtly-shaped so users with different sized hands could still use it. It's painted safety yellow, because we weren't all that good at molding when we made it. The last picture is a picture of the robot it was controlling. Pretty weird.