Procter & Gamble Spot Matrix: 2006 Tres Design
Another one of our massive corporate ideation projects was for P&G to conceptualize spot removing laundry products. In order to aid our organization we developed a number of personas and scenes where stain fighting was needed, which turned into a nice grid. This grid allowed us to see where there might be more room for ideation and which areas and personas were already too heavily spoken for. Once we came to the point where we needed to start thinking about how we were going to present these 200+ ideas, we realized that the matrix was a good way of organizing it, and it also made exploring the massive amount of data more fun.
So the way it works is that when you mouse over the grid, a coordinate axis highlights what scene and persona you are viewing, and if you are over the actual persona or scene, it pops up a small description. Once you click on a grid cell, it pops up a window with a list of what the cell contains. Clicking on a list item then brings up the detailed description of that item and an illustration if needed. We were so happy with the presentation interface that we tried to develop it into its own product for displaying complex rafts of data.