Anacostia River Exhibit Furniture: 2003 – National Building Museum
I made a bunch of stuff for this exhibit. Plasma screen stands, display shelves, and a couple of benches. The display stands were the most fun as I got to have a lot of creative freedom. There were 2 types of stands: wall mounted and free-standing. The feet of the tables are big anime-like paws, the upper brackets were nice and faceted, and I chamfered the table tops down so that you couldn’t see any of their thickness. The benches I made were very simple slotted plywood jobs that were very sturdy and took almost no time to make.
The stands for the plasma screens were the hardest to design. Since I had no real direction, or constraints, I sketched some pretty far out ideas, but when it came down to making it, I just made a truss type ladder and big “T” shaped plywood box for the plasma and DVD player. The box just sat on the one of the rungs of the ladder, and the box had hundreds of screws holding it together so that it looked like it was riveted with black drywall screws. It was pretty nerve wracking throwing around $3000 video equipment, and I had some major problems with the electronics overheating inside the case.