Medtronic Bravo Receiver: 2007 – Tres Design
This is the wireless receiver / display for a temporarily implanted medical device. The implant is attached via suction cups to the lining of the patient’s esophagus right above the stomach, to measure acid reflux. After a couple of days, the implant falls off and is passed through the digestive tract. The receiver unit reads a constant telemetry stream of PH level, but also allows the patient to record specific events, like chest pain, heart burn, eating, and laying down which all would affect the diagnosis. The model shown here is just a quick mock up I did, showing the absolute worst case scenario of as many plastic parts as I could think of to get an accurate quote for plastic parts production. We ran into some major problems with the engineers on this project, who wanted to have an enormous antenna for this wearable wireless device. Much of our time was spent trying to demonstrate more usable antenna, PCB, battery and display layouts which could appease everyone involved, but the project was dumped before we got to a real design stage. It turns out that there were not enough units being produced to warrant creating a whole new product when they had an existing one which worked ok.