Wilton Popcorn Poppers: 2005 - Tres Design
This was a great project that sadly never made it to market. We were to design an electric air popper and stovetop hand-crank popper. The design for the air popper was really fun and unique where the popped kernels would spill out of a central volcano into a donut shaped bowl. We went through a lot of revisions and ideation to make a working model without any engineering support. Initially there were to be 2 doors which would rotate 90 degrees and close off the popcorn ports, but there was too much corn getting impacted in the smaller ports and jamming up the works, so in the end we just made the central handle with 3 huge ports and no doors. The stove top model was just as fun looking, but got dumbed down to make them cheaper to produce. It was to be a big spherical pot where the lid continued the sphere. There were 2 vented doors for pouring out the popcorn, and a heat reflecting guard on the handle to protect your hand. The final product had a drafted pot which totally killed the fun, bubbly feeling.