Snoway: 2008 - Tres Design
This was a project to update an old and very 'engineered' looking remote controller for a contractor grade snow-plow. It's unusual to think that a snow plow would need a controller, but this one was extremely complex. It had the standard up/down and tilt side to side controls, but also had moving 'wing-tips' which would turn it from more of a scraper into a scoop, giving it 4 points of articulation. In addition to these direct commands, you could also program in multiple action macros and control a pickup truck sized salt spreader in the back. We did a bunch of fun exploration in the concept phase, with a thigh-mounted finger-board & pistol grip versions, but came back to a fairly traditional form in the end. The final product was a bit more complicated than it seems due to the fact that it needed to be impact & moisture resistant, with the option of using a wired controller or a rechargeable wireless device.