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6 Tic Tac Tome books available!


Over the past couple months since popular YouTuber, VSauce, created a short video about my puzzle book, the Tic Tac Tome, many people have reached out to me in search of a copy to gift to a loved one for the holiday. I have been in contact with my publisher to try and have a new run of books printed, but alas, no concrete plans have emerged yet.

I have personally searched all the used bookstore links I can think of and tried to respond to as many people as possible to help them find a copy, but it seems to be out of stock everywhere! Luckily my dad had a stash of extras from back when it was first released and he was generous enough to share them with me to get these 6 copies out to some lucky readers.

Due to it's recent popularity, I've decided to make 6 separate auctions with increasingly high buy it now options, which will hopefully deter resellers. Though I am the author / creator of this book, I did not earn any royalties from the original printing and, like many of you out there, am hurting financially. The winner of this auction will receive one of the six books pictured in the group photo. Hopefully this book will make it to someone who will appreciate it's weirdness :)

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