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Homer Simpson screaming next to a swarm of bees on a pile of sugar in his front yard.
My reaction when I got home.

Aw crap. I went away for the weekend and came home to a house full of yellow jacket wasps. They were nesting in my attic and ate through the ceiling in my foyer - 16 feet up. Apparently homeowners insurance doesn't cover insect damage and it would fall way under my deductible anyway.


People seated on mats doing yoga in a barn.
I'm in the Springfield Isotopes shirt in the middle.

So I was out in the Hudson valley for a corporate retreat with my day-job folks - a bunch of recent RIT grads. It was pretty fun and chill - our CEO was super excited about goat yoga. Yes, doing yoga in a barn, with goats poopin' next to yer' head. Good times.

Not much movement on the writing front. I'm still hunting for a good illustrator for the cover art and daydreaming about what to add to the sequels. I've even put a weekly reminder to write 5000 words by

every Sunday.

Have I done it? No.

Does it make me feel guilty? Yes.

Will I ever get back to writing? Sometime.

Catch-ya on the flip side digital-digery-doos.

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