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Audiobooks are real books!

Hello digital dudes & dudettes. Long time no monologue. Hope you and yours are staying healthy during this CRAZY time.

I've been spending a lot of time in my home workshop sanding and trimming 3D printed toys & gizmos which is the perfect kind of mindless activity for listening to audiobooks. Some of my favorites over the past few months have been:

• Severance by Ling Ma • Burning Chrome by William Gibson • Icehenge by Kim Stanley Robinson • The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells • Providence by Max Barry

There have also been some atrocious books either due to bad writing or bad narration. I'm not a total bastard so I won't list them here, but they act as an inspiration to do better. So I've been looking into having SHIFTER narrated by a professional reader.

BookBub and Amazon both have services for connecting authors and narrators which are super user friendly. Today I heard an amazing sample from a young woman in Brooklyn NY. I'm still feeling out how this whole process works but cross your fingers for me - hopefully Ellen will be given a real voice!

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