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Cars! (and other weird, but non-fictional vehicles)

Ok, so here's an overview of all the fun vehicles mentioned in the book. my blogging platform has been giving me some issues trying to rearrange the list so there not really in any logical order. Images are just scrounged off google, I have no rights to them.

Make sure you check out this video of the 'ICBM Interceptor Kill Vehicle' I mention as being inspiration for Ellen's stealth pod later in the book. This is Regan-Era military-industrial complex engineering at it's best.

Nissan GT-R Nismo

- Boomer's ride.

Lotus Exige

- Ajax' dream ride.

Land Rover Defender

- Mentioned as an electric conversion Ellen hooks

onto while running a delivery in Staten Island.

Intrepid WW2 Aircraft Carrier

- Museum where Ash works.

Honda S2000

- One of Ellen's teenage joyrides.


- A real life inspiration for the Whet-Owl drones

used for neighborhood surveillance by the NYPD.

Global Hawk Drone

- A real life inspiration for the Hawk-Owl drones

used by Homeland Security to patrol the skies.

NASA Enterprise Space Shuttle

- One of the many oddities at the museum.

Ducati Panigale

- The Motorcycle clothing shopkeeps ride and

mentioned by Gnochelli as a cool dream ride.

Divco Ice Cream Truck

- The vehicle Ellen's team uses to cart the

Shooting Star pod around. Probably not

big enough for the job in reality.

Chevy Suburban

- Used by Coach's goons.


- One of the many oddities at the museum.

Chevy Silverado

- The truck involved in her childhood crash.

Box Truck

- One of the many vehicles Ellen uses to hook

onto while running deliveries on her skates.

Buick Grand National

- Gonchelli's favorite ride & source of Ellen's

mental discomfort at it's grossness.

Audi R8

- The Cripley Brother's ride which is appropriated

by Adam after they interfere with her delivery.

Ariel Atom

- Jasmine's ride.

WW2 Aircraft Belly-gun

- An antique bit of surplus that Ellen

appropriates when refurbishing her stealth pod.

Volvo P1800

- Ellen's dream ride, if remade in ultra-light

carbon fiber and fitted with a beefy electric motor.

Shitty 'illegal' van

- The Alphabet girls ride from Long-Island.

Tesla Model S P100D

- Sedsamu's ride.

Suzuki Hayabusa

- Mentioned by Gnochelli as a cool dream ride.

Subrau STI

- One of Ellen's teenage joyrides.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

- Used by the rogue goons in their attempt

to shake down Destiny Indian Restaurant.

Chevy PT Cruiser (woodie)

- Not mentioned directly, but this is what I

imagine Ellen's mom driving. I don't think

this was ever a factory option either, just

a mash up of crap cars from her childhood

era and ones from mine in the 80's.

Shelby AC Cobra

- Mentioned by Gnochelli as a cool dream ride.


- Max's ride.

Saleen Mustang

- The teenage joyride that gets Alec into

into trouble w

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