Character synopsis: Coach / Mr Sedsamu

This mysterious man has situated himself at the nexus of organized crime, corrupt politics, and amoral billionaires that is the SHIFT racing league. For him, racing is a means to make money and money is only valuable as a road to power. His highly intelligent demeanor barely conceals his contempt for his fellow man and psychopathic nonchalant attitude towards human suffering. It's said he injured his arm in a mortar attack while stationed in the Middle East, but that's just one of many unconfirmed rumors about his past.

Based in Queens New York, he is of indeterminate ethnicity, but not asian, in his mid-thirties, fairly fit, wears business casual attire, and has an affinity for slick mid-century style. He drives what is now considered a classic a gunmetal gray 2017 P100D Tesla model S. He surrounds himself with well armed muscle, but ruling them with only fear and cash, their loyalties don't run very deep.

Headshot of actor Matthew Rhys

Matthew Rhys

Age: 44

Better known as the dad, Phillip Jennings on The Americans.

(Photo found on Amazon)

Headshot of actor Bill Skarsgård.

Bill Skarsgård

Age: 29

Better known as Pennywise the clown from IT.

(Photo from

Photo of actor Ezra Miller.

Ezra Miller

Age: 27

Better known as The Flash in the DC movie universe.

(Photo from Variety)

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