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Character synopsis: Ellen

I'm still grinding away on making my scale model of the subway racing scene from the book SHIFTER. Right now it's a lot of priming and sanding so it's not super interesting. In the meantime I'm thinking of starting a new feature that would discuss various key characters in the book and also who' I'd get to play them in a movie (like that'd ever happen!) Also !!!SPOILER!!! warning for folks who haven't read the book.

First up is our heroine, Ellen Jane Lebelo. She's a big nerd when it comes to technology, but also fairly hip about 90's pop culture. She's somewhat oblivious in social situations and about contemporary lingo/slang. Not traditionally pretty - comes off as a tomboy and embraces the style due to some insecurities about her body, but does like girly things, she's just not very effective at implementing them. Personal style is light pop-punk mixed with a dash of candy-raver and mostly utilitarian frumpy/diesel mechanic chic. - Small-4'9" (but fierce!) 25 year old woman. - Probably is recognized as Caucasian, but has blond hair

for sure. Makes dying into fun colors easier. - Ongoing medical issues related to her childhood accident including respiratory issues and massive tissue damage /

scarring on her right side. - Former gymnast and current roller derby jammer. - Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa. - Raised by her single father after her mother died in a traffic

accident when Ellen was 10. - Masters in electrical engineering from Columbia university -

paid for by a settlement with the estate of the man driving

the car that killed her mother. - Tinkerer, inventor, mischief maker. - Restaurant delivery girl and gig-economy indentured servant. - Star pod's pilot for Mr Sedsamu's East-side racing team.

Now for the young actress who I'd cast in this role. Note - It's super creepy looking for young actresses in a search engine - don't read the auto-complete results that pop up. It's depressing how sexualized these women are. I tried to grab images of the women in images that seem close to Ellen's persona. In no particular order, here are the top three:

Young woman with long hair and a Kiss band t-shirt with blood on her face.
Chloe Grace Moretz in Dark Places

Chloë Grace Moretz

Age:22 / Height:5'4"

- Better known as Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass

(Photo from Dark Places)

Young woman with long dark hair holding a tire-iron.
Isabelle Fuhrman in Cell

Isabelle Fuhrman

Age:22 / Height 5'3"

- Better known as The Orphan or

Clove from Hunger Games

(Photo from Cell)

Young woman holding a soda bottle, big purse, and shopping bag.
Maisie Williams on the street

Maisie Williams

Age:22 / Height 5'1"

- Better known as Arya Stark from

(Photo from some paparazzi scum)

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