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GenCon 2019!

I've been a bad blogger - totally missed last week's post while prepping for a road trip to Indianapolis. This was my first time attending and I didn't really have any idea what to expect. I've been to plenty of cons over the years - Otakon, Awesome Con, Mag Fest, NYC Comicon, and a few smaller ones I don't remember the names of. This one was pretty huge - something like 300k people all there to enjoy tabletop board games of all sorts.

I attended some talks on assistive devices and inclusion in gaming, psychology of storytelling but met with a couple of manufacturers to pitch ideas. Aside from that I spent way too much down in artist's alley on prints and books. I did get some games while I was there too :)

On the eight and a half hour drive up... over?... I listened to an audio-book - Level Five by William Ledbetter. It wasn't anything amazing, but did have a great finale with a global Nano-Technology gray-goo scenario. 3 of 5 stars. On the way back I just put on music and thought about how to flesh out the material I have for a pair of follow-up books to SHIFTER and what I could make the cover art look like. I met a bunch of fantastic artists and a few of their styles started to bend my ideas to fit what they do. One of the coolest I found was Crystal Fae Check out her stuff: ( )

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