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Pre-press samples

Greetings programs!

Holding a paperback book with a pair of rollerskates on the cover. Title reads: SHIFTER Author reads: Willy Yonkers.
My terrible photoshop'd up cover

This week's update is all about sending out some *really* rough pre-press copies of my book to interested readers. I already did a single copy with that cost about $13 - I can't say exactly because I paid for expedited shipping so I'd have something to show at the Ladders literary conference about a month ago. This time I'm gonna try out where I can get them for closer to $7. Using USPS media mail, I can get these out to readers for about $9.80.

My plan is to have 10 of these prototypes printed and share them with readers. I know it'd be easier to just send out e-book versions, but call me paranoid, but I'm well aware of how easy it is to pirate stuff like this and even re-publish under a different name. Also, real books are the best!

Three bookshelves filled with books.
My books about 10 years ago - back in Arlington VA

All my books are currently in boxes in the basement since I sold all my bookshelves to make moving from Chicago to Rochester a little easier.

Sad panda - I know :(

Anyhoo, send me an email with your contact info and I'll see about getting some hard copies out into the world.

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